ENGL Amplification provides a classy, relaxed atmosphere in Hollywood

(John Gorbe | Posted 2011-05-06)

ENGL Amplification provides a classy, relaxed atmosphere in Hollywood

Since its humble beginnings in 1983, the ENGL name has represented the finest in tube amplifier technology, sound and design. Who would have known the original ideas and vision, born in a basement in Germany, would be realized and become one of the most successful brands in the amplifier business? 

At the 1984 Frankfurt MusikMesse, ENGL introduced the first ever programmable tube amplifier to the public. This achievement earned a tremendous amount of attention and praise from guitarists and industry professional around the world. Since then, ENGL has continued to devote its energy to the innovation and development of the highest quality amplification for the most demanding musician.

German-engineered ENGL Guitar Amplifiers now have a home base in North Hollywood, CA. The company has announced the opening of a new showroom that will enable players to see, hear, try and feel these boutique amplifiers in a comfortable, hassle-free environment.

The new facility, conveniently located within the Third Encore complex at 10917 Vanowen Street, offers players the opportunity to really dig into the amps without the fear of disturbing others, or being disturbed. Showroom manager and U.S. artist relations director Michael Berger is available for a one on one consultation and demonstration of the full amplifier line.

ENGL players include Steve Morse, Duff McKagan, Craig Goldy of DIO, Glenn Tipton, Marty Friedman, Chris Impellitteri, Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Romeo, Tony Spinner of TOTO, Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard, and Victor Smolski of Rage.

The new showroom allows guitarists of all levels to really experience what the ENGL line is about. Plus, They have set it up as a salon so guitarists can come, hang out and just relax in a calm, classy atmosphere.

To schedule an appointment, players should contact:
Michael Berger, Showroom Manager and U.S. Artist Relations Director
Phone: 310.895.8249
Email: englshowroom@me.com

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