Alfred releases music production guide - Signal Flow: Audio Fundamentals

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-05-12)

Alfred releases music production guide - Signal Flow: Audio Fundamentals

Alfred Publishing, in collaboration with San Francisco’ music production school Pyramind, and Lawson Music Media Inc, is releasing a book series that aims to teach all the insights of music production and music industry. Divided in three levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced) and three major areas (Signal Flow – fundamental tools and technology, Work Flow – application and creativity, Cash Flow – business and marketing), this nine-book course is having its first installment available to the public - Signal Flow: Audio Fundamentals.

On this first book, the content is concentrated on learning the fundamentals of signal flow and sound production. The book is not only for music production students; it can also help studio professionals to deepen their knowledge on their field. This guide features topics such as basics of electronics, understanding and properly working with sound, choosing the right digital audio workstation, using the right microphone for every project type, and many other core concepts, indispensable for the recording studio environment. The text also features cost-efficient tips on gear and sound room design, such as getting the right sound from a room on a budget to purchasing the right computer for DSP.

The book is accompanied by an instructional DVD and comes with helpful and informative “Coaches Corner” and “Tech-Speak” learning aid segments throughout the chapters. Also included are full color, easy-to-understand technical specs charts, waveform graphs, and DAW screen shots. The companion DVD provides supporting audio and video examples that are playable in a DVD player or computer.

This collection seems that will greatly match the needs of those who want to immerse themselves on the music production world but don’t have the time (or dough) to enroll on a school program.

Signal Flow: Audio Fundamentals book and DVD set is now available for $39.99 at music retail stores and at

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