American Musical Supply is Letting You NAME Your Price for a Short Time

(ShackMan | Posted 2011-06-03)

American Musical Supply is Letting You NAME Your Price for a Short Time

Ever felt like you were stuck with something you want just out of reach? You stare at the website wishing time and time again that you could just save up a little more or that it would come down in price? Well, now is not the time to worry so much. American Musical Supply is having a little sale right now where you can name your price.

Name it. If they like it, you get it for that price. I've never done an article on our sponsors before, but I figured this was a sweet enough deal to take a little extra time and give it a little more exposure. Here are the details...

This applies to a huge selection of PA Speakers, Microphones, Wireless Systems, Headphones, Studio Monitors, and Power Amplifiers, so there's really something for everyone. Certainly instrumentalists will be interested in microphones, headphones, and wireless systems (I know I wouldn't mind having a wireless system on my bass guitars). Those who deal with large live sound venues will find some deep cuts available in all the other departments as well.

How do you get this deal, you ask? How is it that you can name your own price? Just listen...

First you go to your item. Click on the "Best Offer" button and type in the price you're willing to pay. There will be a short form to complete for each item. Hit "Submit" once you're all done and wait for approval of your purchase price. If approved, you'll get a link to buy your item at a reduced cost! It's really that simple. American Musical Supply merely asks that you don't attempt to use this feature unless you are thoroughly committed to that price, because if accepted, you will be held responsible for paying for the item. Now, you won't be walking away with a set of JBL 15" mains for $20 or anything; this isn't a garage sale, and AMS reserves the right to set a minimum bid for each item. What you can do, is rake in some serious savings by telling AMS exactly what you would like to pay. It's that simple.

Click the item. Fill out the form. Get approval by e-mail. Click the link. It's yours.

James Rushin is a bassist, keyboardist, writer, and composer living and working in the Greater Pittsburgh area. He has performed with Selmer artist Tim Price, Curtis Johnson, guitarists Ken Karsh and Joe Negri. His compositions have been featured in and around Pittsburgh, at West Virginia University and Valley Forge Christian College.

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