Vox debuts Series 22 double cutaway

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-06-28)

Vox debuts Series 22 double cutaway

Couple the words "Vox" and "guitar" and the image of Brian Joness's teardrop hollowbody spring to mind -- at leastfor those of us of "a certain age." But the new Vox Series 22 brings to mind more ofa Gibson image. Best of all a n MSRP of $699 USD makes them very affordable.

The double-cutaway Series 22 models at first glance look like across betweena SG and LP Jr., with a few production techniques, styling cues, and use many of the same distinguished components found in the Vox Virage, Series 77, Series 55, and Series 33 guitars. Combining advanced modern production methods with irreplaceable hands-on craftsmanship results in a superior instrument that is remarkably playable; yet versatile enough to provide you with your own personal voice.

• Mahogany bodies with 3-D contouring for unparalleled comfort
• SBE™ provides improved instrument balance
• Inverse heel joint offers playable access to the upper neck
• VOX design XLM™ compact humbucking pickups with two tone settings
• MaxConnect™ aluminum bridge offers easy stringing access and wide intonation range
• Sealed VOX tuners deliver enhanced tuning stability Comfort, fit, and balance

Available in four popular finishes, the VOX Series 22 features a bold, double cutaway design. State-of-the-art 3-D carving methods provide the Series 22 with a contoured body that ensures impeccable comfort and fatigue-free playing. Our SBE™ (Strap Button Extension) system delivers enhanced instrument balance while playing standing. The set neck features an inverse heel design and deep cut that offers unobstructed access to the upper frets. Position dot markers adorn the rosewood fingerboard.

Superior String Handling
The advanced MaxConnect™ aluminum bridge features extended saddle travel for flawless intonation with any gauge string. The full contact shape and light weight combine to deliver thick rich tone with clear, singing harmonics. Strings slide in from under the back edge of the bridge to make changing strings a snap. Our sealed VOX tuners offer enhanced tuning stability, so you can play with confidence. The mahogany necks are finished with a rosewood fingerboard.

Potent Pickup Design
Each Series 22 guitar is outfitted with two of our XLM™ (Xtra Loud Mini) compact humbucking pickups. Use the pickup mode switch to choose a tight, punchy lead tone or more open, chordal voice. Using the three-way pickup switch, you can select either pickup individually, or use them both together. The passive analog tone circuitry offers both a Master Volume and a Master Tone control to refine your individual sound. Logically laid out and easy to use, the controls allow fast changes during performance.

•SDC-22 RD • Red
•SDC-22 BK • Black
•SDC-22 WH • White
•SDC-22 UB • Sunburst

VOX Series 22 Specifications
• Neck Material – Mahogany
• Neck Joint – Custom set-in joint with inverse heel for greater access to the upper frets
• Body Material –Mahogany
• Fingerboard –rosewood
• Inlay –Acrylic dot
• Nut – Synthetic, self-lubricating
• Scale – 638mm
• Fingerboard Radius – 300mm
• Nut Width – 43mm
• 1st Fret Thickness – 21mm
• 12th Fret Thickness – 23mm
• Number of Frets – 22
• Fret wire – Medium Jumbo
• Pickups – XLM two-voice mini humbucking pickups (x 2)
• Pickup Selector – 3-way toggle
• Pickup Mode Switch – 1x 2-position Master Mode Switch to select Clean and Lead modes
• Controls – Master Volume and Master Tone controls
• Hardware –VOX MaxConnect™ aluminum bridge with easy stringing access and wide intonation range; VOX sealed tuners; VOX SBE tm strap button extender for improved on-strap balance
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