Drums On Demand releases Brushes Library

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-07-19)

Drums On Demand releases Brushes Library

Drum On Demand is a online company specializing in selling acoustic drum loops and tracks as well as songwriting tools. The company offers an extensive library dedicated to the production of the most diverse music genres, from rock to country, and from jazz to metal. It also offers grooves on many different time signatures as well as percussion, bass, piano and guitar tracks.

Drums On Demand is now releasing a completely new library featuring 1000 loops and hits of drum sounds played with brushes called Nothin’ But Brushes. The library is organized under 26 Song Sets, helping the user to browse through many of the diverse types of playing styles and beats. There, you will find shuffles, stirring, 16th note grooves, and train beats. The library also offers tempos that range between 65 to 200 BPM. After chosen, the grooves can be easily imported to your DAW of preference, maximizing the use of the loops and hits to whatever production needs you might have.

Nothing But Brushes comes with the option of 4 different snare drum sounds, 60 multi-velocity snare and single hits, a selection of loop layers, time signatures which are mostly available in 4/4 but it also offered in ¾, 6/8 and 12/8. Sample rates of 44.1k, and as you might guess, all the loops and hits are 100% royalty-free.

Nothin' But Brushes is available in 16-Bit and 24-Bit Acidized WAV and Apple Loops formats. (REX2 format will be available in mid-July.) ($49.95). A multitrack WAV edition is also available for an addition $99.95. New Drum on Demand customers are currently receiving a special one-time offer of 10% off on their first purchase

You can listen to samples of Nothin But Brushes on the following link. http://drumsondemand.com/brushes-drum-loops-beats

For more information about Nothin’ But Brushes drum library of loops and hits and/or Drums On Demand please visit www.drumsondemand.com

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