Source Audio Updates Bass Envelope Filter and Gives it Away

(ShackMan | Posted 2011-07-20)

Source Audio Updates Bass Envelope Filter and Gives it Away

Source Audio, known for their Hot Hand technology, has also been known for some high quality stompbox effects in the Soundblox series and for getting some pretty high profile endorsements. In fact, we fell in love with the Multiwave Bass Distortion last year. The latest of the endorsements is the Bass Envelope Filter Pro, and endorsing that is none other than Phish's own bass legend Mike Gordon. The best part is that Source Audio is so happy to have the BEF Pro be such a success that they're giving one away this Summer at NAMM (on top of the myriad other reasons you should go). Not only that, they're giving a pedal away every hour from 11AM - 5PM Saturday, July 23rd at booth #312.

Now, at $219 street, I start to expect some serious tweakability out of a pedal, and if you've looked at one, you know it's got about as much as you'd expect out of one of Bob Moog's classics. This is leaps and bounds from the regular BEF; make no mistake. We still have the main preset knob, filter speed, sweep direction, and attack and decay knobs that were present on the original pedal, but now they're making room for lots more.

For starters, each filter can now be modulated by any of four distinct sources: Enevelope, Tap Tempo enabled LFO (low-frequency oscillator), Hot Hand, or an expression pedal, allowing for maximum expression possible. Add to that 8 different selectable LFO waveforms, a six-band EQ and a Wet/Dry mix knob and you have quite the pedal. With all these buttons and knobs to work around you'll be happy Source Audio included the 6 preset banks.

Having heard demos of the BEF Pro and having played through the BEF a great deal, I can see why they're getting all the attention. Not only is there a staggering amount of presets and tonal variety from these pedals, but they come with Source Audio's patented "Lo-Retain" mixing algorithm programmed in. It's exactly what the name entails. You turn on effects, but you don't lose low end. "But everyone says that!" you say. And of course every effect pedal maker will tout that, but take my word for it. It works. Better yet, take the word of a few thousand forum members online who are raving about it. Or take Mike Gordon's word...

He added the pedal to his rig in early June. Speaking of the BEF he said, "I've had a eureka experience with the Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter. It is the first unit with enough control to preserve the low-end without sacrificing clarity." Source Audio's positive impact on Mike's bass tone is also a frequent topic in online forums.

The Street Price for the Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter is $219. It is available July 20th. For more about the Soundblox effects pedals and to view video demos, visit or call Source Audio directly at 781.932.8080.

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