Fender rolls out the Mustang Mini amp

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-09-17)

Fender rolls out the Mustang Mini amp

We've all heard of My Little Pony. So why not "My Little Mustang?"

Maybe that's not what Fender had in mind when releasing its new Mustang Mini guitar amp. but the description fits. The Mustang Mini offers many of the same features of its larger brothers, the Mustang I, II, III, IV and withstate-of-the art Fender tone technology in a small, lightweight, highly portable amp that's perfectfor practice or on the studio.

The Mustang Mini sports a single 6.5” speaker and seven watts of power. At only 7.25 lbs, the Mustang Mini may not fit in your pcoket, but it won't break your back ... or bank account($175 USD MSRP).

makes for the perfect traveling companion. The Mini features 24 onboard presets built from eight digital amp models and 12 digital effects, USB computer connectivity, and Fender FUSE™ software for editing, patch swapping and free access to presets designed by famous Fender artists.

Other features include a headphone output, an auxiliary input for playing along with MP#s or other music sources, a USB port and included USB cable for computer interface and a digital recording output. Control knobs are programmable, incld=uding gain and treble, there's a “tap” button for setting delay times and modulation rates, a “save” button for stroing modified presets, a built-in tuner, a hinged handle that doubles as a tilt-back stand, distinctive Mustang “carbon-tweed” cosmetics, an AC adapter (included). The Mini can also be powered by six C cell batteries.

For more information, and to find a dealer near you, please visit www.fender.com

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