Fender Releases New Mustang MINI Amplifier

(John Gorbe | Posted 2011-09-24)

Fender Releases New Mustang MINI Amplifier

Fender knows how to pack a lot of punch and versatility into its amplifiers. They continue to do so in its tiniest package yet. As part of the Mustang lineup of Amps Fender is introducing the new Mustang MINI Amplifier. If you’re a guitarist who is always on the go, involved in portable recording, or just need to save space you’ll want to check out this new amp.

Specs: one input, 1/8” auxiliary input, headphone jack, controls for preset, effects, gain, volume, treble, master, 0ne 6.5” speaker, 7 watt digital amplifier, AC power or 6 C batteries, 8 amp models, 24 presets (additional presets available including Artist presets with free Fender FUSE software), digital chromatic tuner, metal handle doubles as a tilt-back stand, 2 “quick access” presets can be selected with an optional 1-button footswitch, headphone output doubles as a line out, USB connection for FUSE application and digital recording output.

The Fender Mustang MINI is light, portable, versatile and affordable. If you’re a guitarist looking for a digital audio interface for recording into your computer you’re going to like what this amp has to offer. Simply connect a USB cable from this amp to your computer and your software will recognize this amp as a digital audio interface. This is a beautiful thing because this amp is now saving you space and setup time when it comes to converting your space for practice to recording. It doesn’t get any simpler.

The Mustang Mini is available at authorized Fender dealers with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $174.99. 
For more information, and to find a dealer near you, please visit www.fender.com

Fender Artists include: Andy Summers, Avril Lavigne, Billy Corgan, Bruno Mars, Eric Johnson, Greg Koch, James Valentine (maroon 5), John 5, and My Arcadia to name just a few.

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