A Schroetter Paesold Upright Double Bass AS-SB060 3/4 Reviews 5

Purchased via ebay for about 480, retail 695 new.

Its a lovely solid well built thing and it projects a fair bit of volume too.

The strings could be a bit lower for my liking but this is my first upright so maybe thats just how they are.

It has a solid spruce top, nice grain and colour and a good ebony finger board. The back and sides are laminated but from the research i did the important thing is to make sure your bass has a solid top (i.e real wood not veneer)as the tone will mature and a ebony finger board. Lots of basses on the market use the term ebonised which just means hard wood painted black and varnished.I'd avoid the latter.They tend to wear and look pretty ugly after a while.

The Paesold is a great student bass in my opinion, the company was taken over by Boosey and Hawkes and are now sold by the 'Music Group'. I could'nt find my particular model so i guess mine is a slightly older model.I read some where(bass forum?) that the company that makes have moved from Germany to China. Hope this info helps some one in choosing a bass.

Tenor Clef rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-06.

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