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I trade my Marshal Anniversarry 100w combo for that AACraft and a bass guitar Venson Spectrum and 200 dm. And i feel i m right to do that!

That beast blow out the Anniversary! the clean chanel is right- thout the sound is not Fenderish,the dirty chanel reminds me of Mesa Boogie - u can play Metallica, Santana,Malmsteen as well as ZZTop like acts.There is a character knob - some kind of precense - it does nice job.there two speakers outs - one for the internal speaker-Celestion75 and when i hook that combo whit Marshall cabinet 4x12-it can kill u-espessialy with my Ibanez Reb Beach Model. I use and Jem 777 - it sound good again.

The one think- it has only one footswitch- for the channel.I made and loop to switch the reverb but it bring some noise so i had to refuse that modification. line out is ok- effect loop too. There is separate EQ for the two channels they goes from 0 to plus 5 and back from 0 to -5 not like marshals from 0 to 10

The combo is closet back but if u wish u can always remove the back cover! It has acutronics reverb- 3 spring. The constructin is good an solid- there is no unwanted resonanses! it is black in Huges and Kettner manier/think the look of attax - first eddition/. This is german combo - they know a thing or two for the good sound! Again ill tell u - theres not only US /British amp who can sound right!

This is hybrid amlifier- 2 6x17 valves in the preamp section and mos transistors in the power amp.Now is out of production but if u see add, go and buy it! I know that Frank Gambale,usesed one when he was whit Chick Korea band!This amp is not as good as Mesa but for 1400 dm/new price/ it is WORTH! definetly u can stay away from the crowd with this beast! THe ather guitarist from my band like too much that combo too.He is kind of jelous that he havent one. We play Maiden,Judas,Metallica stuff,as well as Deep Blue Somethink,INXS,ZZTop.

tonyking rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-02.

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