AHEAD 5B (Light Rock) Drumsticks Reviews 5

I got these from my local music shop (Andertons Music) for 27.99, I was a bit annoyed because they took along time ordering them in.

These are the nicest sticks I've ever had, and I've had alot of sticks. I don't actually see what loads of people say "they took some getting used to", maybe it's just me, but I can pick up a set of sticks and get used to them in 5 minutes, particualrly these ones. They're really nice and light and get a great sound out of everything, I once heard a drummer say that the don't get a good sound out of cymbals but I think they do.

The only thing that concerns me is replacing the shafts. Replacing the tips is easy enough but the shafts you have to heat them up and all things like that, which means really you want a couple of pairs of sticks for a gig, which I would normally have anyway, but as they're so much money that's annoying.

The quality is superb, construction is great, nothing else needs saying.

These are quite simply, the greatest drumsticks.

Jimmy Gibbon rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-07.

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