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i got this drumstick from a samash (my favorite music store) and i paid around 30 bucks give or take

these sticks lasted me the longest and held up pretty well.

the drumsticks are very heavy so i went through a couple of cymbals during the time it took to get used to these sticks. and it also a pain to get the casings off to replace. if they break during a gig it is very hard to switch from these sticks to regular wood sticks

rated this unit 2 on 2002-06-27.

Never had I ever thought that I would be interested in writing a review on a pair of drumsticks. But, that was before my first experience with the AHEAD alloy drumsticks. I first heard about these in a national mail-order music store. Thinking that at around $32, these sticks would be just another frivolous item to forget about in my gig bag. It wasn't until about a month later that I went to a local music shop, and noticed a couple of pairs of these sticks in a display. I gingerly opened the package and took one out...

I found the AHEAD sticks (AHEAD standing for "Advance High Efficiency Alloy Drumstick") to be a very interesting combination between alloy (the handle), Zytel (the shaft), and nylon (the tip). Well balanced and not too light or heavy, these sticks tout that they significantly reduce hand fatigue and stress. Upon purchasing a pair of 5B's, I found this to be accurate. I pounded away with these sticks as soon as I got home, and discovered just how comfortable and durable they are. The Zytel shafts can take a beating, and when you finally thrash them to the point of no return, you can just slip a new shaft on (replacements are reasonably priced). The nylon tips are also replaceable.

The biggest problem which I have yet to encounter, but do anticipate, is the fact that the directions state that you will more than likely require a heat source to get the shaft on or off. The manufacturer recommended using a hair dryer. Now, I don't know about you, but I never before packed beauty supplies in my gig bag, and never will. Therefore, if a shaft busts during a gig, you woulde either have to grab a pair of wood sticks, or purchase a second standby set of AHEAD's.

These sticks sure feel different than wood. They took a little getting used to, but the fact that they are so well balanced and straight made they adjustment well worth it. The pair that I had purchased are rugged enough to withstand quite a beating. Thankfully, the shafts and tips are firmly held in place, and I have yet to have a piece fly off or rattle as the stick is used.

Great purchase. Well worth the $32 that I spent. They come in different sizes and in signature models, so finding a pair of these high quality sticks should not be a problem/

S. Bernhard rated this unit 5 on 2001-10-12.

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