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I brought my Ahead 7A from Andy @ ADC DRUMS in Liverpool - I paid 24.00 for a pair and 3.00 for the replacement sleeves.

These drum sticks have to one of the best sticks on the market today. I have tried a lot of wooden 7A stick by various manufacturers. The vibration through the shaft of the stick is greatly decreased which is great for serious drummers. Another good thing about them is that they feel so weighty but at the same time they feel so comfortable to play with. When I first used them - I did however find them difficult to use just because of the way they are made. The overall look of the stick is great too - I've had mine for approximately 4 mths and they still look new - which you dont get with standard wooden drum sticks.

The price does put you off a bit but once you have brought a set - they will out last any wooden or carbo sticks. You can get both replacement nibs and sleeves - so you can get used to them without a problem.

The overall build of the stick is great. I love the sleek black textured surface on the handle - if gives the stick extra grip even when ur palms and fingers are sweating.

Would totally recommend any Ahead drum stick to any drummer. Hope this is a guide to what I think of Ahead

Darren Greenland rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-17.

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