AHEAD Drum Sticks Reviews 5

I bought these sticks from John Savage at East Coast Music, King's Lynn, Norfolk, U.K.. They cost about 16.00.

They are light and comfortable to play. I played with Vic Firths for years, but found my wrists were suffering using rubber cymbal/effects pads on my Roland electronic kit. The Aheads were recommended on 'V Drums.com' as offering shock protection for wrists - they certainly lived up to my expectations.

Nothing about the use ....but they are expensive.

Aluminium body with plastic sleeve (replaceable). They are very robust, sound great and, as yet, mine show no signs of wear.

If these help me to play without wrist damage then they're worth every penny - I believe they will. They feel good to play, they don't slip when playing fast, and I can't differentiate between the sounds they produce and that of my Vic Firths.

David Stevens rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-24.

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