AHEAD Joey Jordison Slipknot Signature Sticks Reviews 5

I paid for my stick at Wembley Drum Centre in london. I paid 30 for a pair and itcame in a nice plastic box.

These sticks are great because there joey's sticks, they are metal/strong and feel lighter than than 5a sticks. They are really easy to control and really good for fast splits/fills.

You dont get extra covers when you buy the box, so if it is worn, you will have to run down to your nearest drum centre. Plus the price is a bit too high(especially in the uk!!)

They have 3 pieces to them, the handle(not changable), the cover for the middle section(covers metal core) and the tip(nylon). You can change the tip and cover once they get worn out and these sticks are said to last up to 10x longer thean wooden sticks. The quality is immaculate

Really good quality sticks, in the long term will save you money and they are THE MOST ADVANCED DRUMSTICKS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

Dariush da drummer boy rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-21.

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