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I got these sticks for x-mas. They run from $30-$35 depending on where you get them. I always wanted a pair of Aheads but felt kind of dumb paying $30 for a pair of sticks. For that much money, I could four of more pairs of wood sticks. So, I asked for them at Christmas so I wouldn't have to spend any money. These sticks are 16" (they lay perfectly on my floor tom) and feel like maybe a 5A or 5b size stick in weight to me.

These are incredibly durable sticks. I can't see anyone breaking these things while playing, no matter how hard they hit. Even though these sticks are probally best for metal, you can use them while playing jazz or any other kind of rock. Some people don't like the grip on Aheads (if you have this problem Ahead makes grip tape) but I can hold them fine. Also, these are alot lighter than most other metal-drummer sticks. I had Zildjian Signature Tempesta's before I got these and they are alot heavier than these.

The price is REALLY high. Like I said before, I probally wouldn't have bought them on my own because of the price. But now that I got them, I can't see myself playing with any other stick. This really isn't my preferance, but alot of drummers like to have 3 or 4 pairs of sticks near them in case a stick breaks or one flies out of there hand. Well, These sticks aren't gonna break. But unless you're gonna pay another $30 on a second pair, then you'll be pretty screwed if a stick falls out of your hand while gigging.

These are made of metal, have a nylon tip, and have a polyurethane cover. The cover and tip can be replaced after a heavy beating.

Try these sticks out first. If you like them, then get them (if you're a cheap ass like me ask for them). Besides the price, there ain't nothing wrong with these drumsticks.

pls138 rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-28.

I got these for my birthday from Steves Music Store in Ottawa (I'm Canadian). I got them because I wanted a good stick that would last. I paid 50 bucks for them in Canada( probably like 30 in American). At first I checked out the Lars Ulrich sticks, but they were too big for my hands, so I decided to try the Joey ones because Joey is a short guy(no offense) and his sticks have a 7A (or a little smaller) feel to them.

I really like the durability, feel, feedback and the way it sounds on cymbals. They are made of alloy(core, handle), plastic(middle section) and nylon(tips). I also really like Joeys signature and the Slipknot logo!

There isn't one thing thing I could say that I dont like about these sticks!!!

They are very high quality, like I said before they have alloy core and handle, plastic replacable middle coverings and nylon tips.

In summery, I really like the sticks and I am REALLY glad i now have them!!!!!!!

Sam (any comments or anything please e-mail me) rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-08.

I got these as a birthday present. It was purchased at sam ash. it was about $30. They have a whole case of ahead drumsticks.

what i like about it is that they are very durable and can last a long time. they can be played soft and loud. they can be played for 4 weeks in a row, without changing the covers that come on it. they have amazing definition on cymbal bells, especially heavy cymbal's bells.

They can be heavy at times. they are great for metal music, though. i like metal music. i play it too. they are kinda expensive because of the alloy they are made of. but, they last a long time.

they are very durable. they have metal handles, and a metal core. hard plastic coverings, cover the top 8 inches of the stick. they have joey's signature on the handles. you can buy rubber grip tape, to wrap around the handles, if you cant grip them. that was the case with me.

they sound great. they are great. but the price is not great.

wells rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-07.

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