AHEAD Lars Ulrich Metallica Sticks Reviews 3

I got these sticks off an online drum shop called poole percussion. I got them because they were recomended by a friend, and i needed some sticks that would last me longer than a month, which is how fast i was getting through wooden ones. I paid 28.99

They were really strong, perhaps a bit too strong, but apart from that they feel much better to hold than wood, and they look really cool.

The price, and also they are really rigid so they can give you hand cramps. They seemed a bit too strong, and I didn't like to hit too hard with them because I broke one of my cymbals in the first week, which had never happened with wood sticks.

They are great quality and are made with good materials. Unfortuanatly, this is reflected in the cost of them - I just can't afford to buy loads of them for gigs.

If you are a really fast, hard metal drummer who gets through a pair of wood stciks in a few minutes then these will save you lots of cash in the long run, but otherwise, they will just end up costing you more with the added cost of broken cymbals and wearing out heads more quicker.

Don\'t eat yellow snow. rated this unit 3 on 2004-01-25.

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