AHEAD Lars Ulrich Model Reviews 5

I got it from MetClub.com. I paid $30!! a bit much to me... :(

* Very comfortable to play! * You can play faster, because the weight of the sticks and there long too * Looks great! * After you 'destroy' the taper of the stick you can replace it with one of the two replacment tapers that came with the sticks. You can also change the tip of the sticks to what you want! It just screws out! * Its METALLICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* PRICE TAG. Only thing!

Great quality! The tip screws out so you can replace the taper with the two replacments that came with the box.

I just LOVE them !!! So fun to play with them!! And its Metallica, so its more then 'just' drumsticks.

Run Asulin rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-21.

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