AHEAD Rock Drumsticks Reviews 4

I bought a pair of ahead rock drumsticks at a local music store called Daddy's Junky Music for 27 dollars, all my other wooden sticks kept breaking on me and I needed something stronger, so a friend said ahead was the way to go.

The ahead rock drum sticks are very strong and can take quite a beating, but if your not careful (like I was) and do alot of rim shots the plastic cover on the stick will brake, but not to fear along with the sticks comes an extra pair of plastic coverings. The sticks also make it easier on your hands due to less vibrating when your pounding.

If you are a hard hitter like me, the plastic coverings can be a problem because if beaten in too hard you will not be able to take them off and replace them and you would of wasted 30 bucks.

The quality of the sticks are very good and should last a long time, I beleive they are made out of aluminum.

All in all they are very good sticks for any genre of music and especially when on the road, just be cautious of the tips and plastic coverings and your sticks will last a long time.

Arthur rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-22.

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