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This is the Tube MP Preamp Project Series by ART. They make a cheaper line for around $40, but for an extra $20 the project series offers a better circuit and more road worthy box.

I wanted something that I could use for recording and live to warm up my bass with. I paid $60 for this. I compared it to a few others out there and this was the nicest I found. Plenty of gain. Also I want to add, take out the stock tube and upgrade it to something nicer before you do anything else. You can't imagine how big of a difference a nice tube will improve this unit.

I prefer the front facing controls on this unit compared to the other cheaper series. I can easily be adjust and sits well on top of my guitar amp without wanting to pull over with every movement. The gain and volume knob really allow you to dial in a nice tube warmth and get on the brink of breakup.

The cheap tube that came stock in it almost made me sell the unit. I have also experimented replacing the 12ax7 with a 12au7. That sort of tames it down a little allowing for more tube warmth pre distortion.

The project series as a nicer box that could take a few hits. I've dropped the cheaper ART preamps before and the cheap circuit broke leaving you with a $30 doorstop. But the project series well balanced.

Use it as a DI, use it to warm up your vocals, keys or guitars, it a great all in one unit.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-12.

For the money, the Art Tube MP Project is a great deal.? If you are a home studio looking to expand your palette in terms of preamps, the Art Tube MP Project can definitely help you do that without spending too much money at all.? However, don't expect to get an immaculate tube sound just because this is a tube powered pre.? It has a good sound ... [read more on Audiofanzine]

moosers rated this unit -1 on 2009-06-21.

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