ASC S101 EGJ24 Reviews 4

I got this guitar on ebay for a present a few months back. It came as a kit with a amp and gig bag for about $150.

The guitar has a great finish, and an overall good feel to it. It has your basic, off brand, kind of wannabe Les Paul design. Not to heavy, but also not light as some other guitars. Also, for a small Japanese brand (haven't heard of them since buying it) made guitar, it has a very decent sounding bridge pickup.

I don't like the neck pickup. It seems like whenever I use it, it always gives me a meshed, well honestly, crappy sorta sound. The bridge pickup is not like that though, as I've said before. Also, the tuners aren't the greatest I've ever used.

Well, I've had it for about ... probably atleast 7 months and haven't had to have one thing looked at or fixed yet, so I'd say it's pretty good, especialy for a beginner.

Good guitar, great for a beginner, especialy if you find it in a pack, like I did.

Alan BC rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-11.

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