AXL DEQ2 Distortion Pedal w/ EQ Reviews 4

Donavons music, Amblecote, Stourbridge, proper pirce is £39.99 but i got it for £30

The unit has amazing sound quality, especially sweet in the upper range, the distortion is very similar to the BOSS distortion pedal the only difference being the extra EQ feature which opens up many possibilities for different distortion styles, from 70's rock to heavy grunge.

It is quite a bit bulkier than the BOSS pedals but not that hard to cart around, the input/ output plugs seem to not get on well with my jack leads either, you really have to push 'em in to get them to stay.

To be perfectly honest, its built like a brick shed, even i'd find it hard to damage this unit. It looks really good in terms of aesthetics with a nice metallic finish.

Its not the best pedal in the world but for the price, its a good quality piece of equipment, it does well for me and goes perfectly with the JF-2 Flanger, also from this series of pedals. I'd recommend this pedal to anyone its a sure workhorse.

Wahwahman rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-31.

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