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Bought the set at a local music store in Houston. It had been advertised in the newspaper.

The shells appear to be of pretty good quality. They claim they are 9-ply mohagony construction, and they appear to be. The weight seems to substantiate this claim. They can be tuned to sound as good as a much more expensive set. I added some sound dampening strips on each drum to get rid of the ringing sound that you get on any unmuffled drum. For the money, this is a pretty good value in drums.

The cymbals that come with the set are really low quality. They sound terrible. It is really a must to spend some more money and get better cymbals.

The shells are 9-ply mohagony construction. Pretty heavy and durable for a set in this price range. Hardware and mounting accessories are adequate and sturdy.

This drum set by this manufacturer is a good value. They can be tuned to sound as good as a much more expensive set. Have had Ludwig drums in the past and find these to be comparable in many ways. The only thing I have found about this brand is the cymbals must be replaced for any serious players.

deezeljuice rated this unit 4 on 2003-04-17.

I bought it off a website online...paid 250$ for it...should have known better than to do that though

What I did like the sound that the drumset had, the bass pedal was decent also...and the video that came with it was so stupid I cracked up laughing for hours (Drumming with Dave "Bedrock" Bedrosian)

ok...long list here: number one...ALL THE HARDWARE SUCKS NUTS!!! Within 2 months i gurantee you most of the wingnuts will have stripped and you will have to rethread them, 2:ANNOYING SNARE DRUMS the snare drum on this set took me about 2 weeks just to make it sound like an actual snare drum...NOT fun

constuction...definitely towards the weak side...everything lieks to come apart and break...A CB set would be better than this...about the same price to...if you look hard enough. NOT play these drums outside on a hot day....the plastic shell on the outside of the wood melts =/

This company is trying to sell you a Ludwig Accent with different name tags and hardware...DONT BUY IT...go with Ludwig, CB, or if you have the money, TAMA for your first drumset....stay away from unknown companies!!!

Rich the Swedican rated this unit 1 on 2003-01-27.

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