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it was almost christmas when we picked up this sucker. well, you are probably assuming i got it for christmas.(dduuuuh) we went downstairs the music store, and i started bangin' around with the cool tama rockstars. i wanted one, but then we cheaped it out then got the acclaim. it was only $200 with all the crap you need.

these drums are pretty good. the thing i like the most is the tuning capabilities. i bought a CB snare and added it. i got the original black snare and took off the snare wires. (too much rattling anyways) then i said there ya go! i had four toms. thats another thing. you can use alot of add ons. i borrowed my friends swingstar bass drum it was pretty cool.

THE FREAKIN CYMBALS!! the drums are cool, but the cymbals suck. if you a hardcore player, you need to get some zildjians or sabians or sumthin! the hi-hats sound like a dog barking! the only thing cool about the crash is the look. it looks like a small version of Lars Ulrich's flat top ride. please acclaim, use QUALITY cymbals and the the crap that has the quality of cardboard.

its just like any beginner drum kit. 2 bass mount tom toms, a floor tom, and a bassdrum. i made the snare into a tom tom. the quality is good for a cheap drumset.

the drums are cool but you need to buy some more cymbals. that will add up to a total of: $500 roughly. the cymbal's sound sucks.

joey jordison rated this unit 3 on 2003-10-08.

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