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Bass Northwest $400, near mint with case, AC cord and 6ft Speakon to 1/4" lead. I was looking for one of these after I'd briefly played one, and they don't turn up used very often.

300W into 2 ohms from 5lbs [2.3kg] !!!!! Not only am I trying to miniaturize and lighten everything in my kit, but I've also been looking for a head that could drive 2 ohms. It's US-built in a small shop, with very obvious care. I especially like the Hi-Z & Lo-Z inputs of matched gain that produce noticeble different voicings, and equally like the sweepable hi-pass-or-notch filter.

Only one "dislike" and it's not a real problem: Although the power section has protective circuitry, in case of even a momentary short across the output, the makers remind you that no protection can be 100%, that a short could possibly destroy the power section, and so Speakon connectors rather than 1/4" plugs are hugely encouraged. OK, so I spent $40 on a pair of 10ft 12ga speker wires. It's just that paranoid attitudes are unpleasant, so I list this in the "don't like" section. Not a dislike but a warning: It's a very honest amp. It may just rap you on the knuckles to improve your technique.

It's tiny. It won't cover a letter-sized sheet of paper and is not over 3" [75mm] in height. Outer casing is made of sheet steel and it comes in a small well-padded tote bag, smaller than Ms. Diva's purse, that holds the head and connecting cords. It has an effects loop with return level control, an XLR out jack, Hi-Z and Lo-Z inputs OF MATCHED GAIN, bass, mid, treble and brite knobs, and hi-pass/notch filter toggle button with frequency sweep knob. There's one pre-amp gain knob and one master power output knob. The Lo-Z is seperately buffered and can take direct input from a piezo ribbon. AC in can be 50/60hz at 115 or 230v.

For the non-headbanger crowd, this is the Holy Grail. Also it never runs dirty, so you can't do the Jimi/SRV thing, but it's not specifically a bass head and is just as well suited for jazz guitar, keys etc. All your tonal coloration comes from your ax and your cabs. This thing is neutral. BTW, there is a model with an independent mic channel for horns, vocals etc.

Golem rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-17.

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