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This is the Acoustic 260 mini stack. 100 watts into one 10 inch speaker. You probably remember the name Acoustic from the 70s. Bass monsters like John Paul Jones and Jaco Pastorius made them famous. The name was brought back to life by Guitar Center around 2009. The line is a budget friendly no frills amp collection.

I saw this at Guitar Center. It was a mini-me version of a scaled down 360 Acoustic stack. I had an original 360 with a 2x15 cab, boy was that a beast! That is probably what inspired me to pickup this neat practice amp for $299.

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Lightweight, probably about 30 pounds. It is loud enough to jam with friends. It puts out 100 watts into 1 10' driver. The Headphone Jack and MP3 play in is a great feature. They are 1/8' jacks. Perfect for your earbuds.

It would have been cool of they had some built in distortion or a second 10' speaker. Cranking the amp really taxes the speaker.

It was built more for fun then being a tough road warrior, but I'll give it a 7 out of 10. The cosmetics are cool

A cool, usable conversation piece. Freak out your bluegrass band by telling them you're bring out the big full stack! If you're looking for something that has everything and the kitchen sink this isn't it, but it's a fun little amp that you can take out and jam with a band.

Billy rated this unit 4 on 2011-02-20.

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