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The Acoustic B10 is a brand new combo put out by Acoustic after last years huge success of the Acoustic B20. The B10 is a brilliant compact bass combo perfect for any practice situation.

I owned a B20 and ended up selling it since I am a gear addict and nothing stays with me long anymore. I found a great deal on a B10 and snatched it. Brand new they are $100.

Easy enough to figure out. The knobs are Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble. It it light and easy to move. I would guess it is 20 pounds. The 1/8' input for an MP3 player and the 1/8' output for headphones make it a practice room's best friend.

The 10 watts inside this amp pack a mean punch which is excellent for jamming along with recorded music or a guitar player, but once a drummer enters the equation without PA support you will run into trouble.

Acoustic bigs quality stuff for it's price range. The tolex is evenly applied. The white piping and blue pilot light accent this amp well. A heavy duty handle on top makes it easy to grab and go with with amp.

If you are on the market for a practice amp give this one a spin.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-05-20.

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