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Well I'll be darned if I didn't try out the entire 2011 demo line of Acoustic gear! The B450 is a new 2x10 bass combo that packs 450 watts of heat inside.

I caught this at a trade show and was able to plug my P-bass into her for 45 minutes or so. Acoustic rocks the small practice combo world and is trying to branch out. Priced well at $549.99, it comes out to a little over $1 a watt!

LOUD! This thing can thump! Let's take a look across the control panel. Passive and Active inputs, Pre Gain, Volume, Frequency/Notch options and a 6 band parametric EQ. A super handy mute button is footswitchable, so that means no more making your audience listen to you tune. This is the first I have seen this feature built into a bass amp!

2 things should be expressed: 1. The notch frequency setting takes a bit of getting used to. I initially didn't like the amp because I didn't understand it. 2. The amp is 4 ohms and if you match it with another cab that brings you down to 2 ohms. Acoustic claims that is safe, but in my experience that is risky. If you need to run it at 2 ohms, I'd consider finding a more powerful amplifier.

This amp is a bulky 72 pounds. It has 2 side handles. If you can get a friend to help you move it, it is a breeze. Speaking of breeze there are 2 vents on top of the amp. My only caution is don't let anyone set a drink on top. Accidents happen and well I could see that being an easy party foul.

A power punching combo. I am not sure if it would be my first pick in its price range, but it offers plenty of features. I would consider it if I was leaving it in a practice room or my home, but lugging this in and out of gigs would wear on me quickly.

Billy rated this unit 3 on 2011-05-20.

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