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I bought this unit in 1978, and I still own it! As I recall, I got it from a music store in Davenport, Iowa. I was but a teenager then, and needed something to plug a few guitars into and travel the country! As to the cost, I can't even remember. It couldn't have been too much, because I didn't HAVE too much!

This is one big chunk of lumber! Very well made, with a basic, yet attractive design. It's simplicity and versatility made it a real plus to have in my arsenal, and until I did a search on the unit tonight, I never knew it was a BASS amp!

This is one big chunk of lumber! It is incredibly heavy, and, after owning it all these years and lifting it up and down and all around, I FINALLY put casters on it last week!! Can you believe that? I haven't had the shocking problem I have read others have had, nor have the electronics been a problem.

A huge cabinet hosts four split channels; two basics on the left with BASS/TREBLE/VOLUME controls and two on the right with the same controls plus funky reverb chamber controls, all above four 12' speakers and a spacious lower cabinet to CARFEFULLY stow cables and gear. This piece has been all over the Mid-west and South-east with me for over 26 years and took everything I ran through it without complaint...although it did whimper once at the Old Folks Home in '82!

Here's the kicker to the whole review; after lugging this beautiful monster all over Creation for nearly 30 years, I NEVER HAD IT SERVICED...EVER. However, just a few weeks ago (October 2004) I needed to have it "loved-on" a bit by somebody who knew what they were looking at. The very experienced technician who pulled-off the (original!) cover, said that he thought Acoustic had gone back into business because the unit was in such incredible condition. Believe me, that's as much a testimony to this amp's craftmanship as it is to my gentle care over the years. This baby holds a lot of memories and could tell a LOT of stories...maybe I'll just put her gently away in the attic. Nah!!

Tim Walden rated this unit 3 on 2004-11-01.

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