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Acoustic is a brand you may remember from the 70s (it is the 60s that you've forgotten!) Guitar Center recently purchased the rights to the name and have released a few cheaper Chinese made budget amps, combos and cabinets. For the money they are pretty nice.

These are a Guitar Center exclusive. If you want 'em, then you must go to Guitar Center or one of their other companies such as Musicians Friend or Music 123. Played one in the shop then I went home and ordered one from the Guitar Center website (great plan of attack to not get a 'road worn' product) $299 and free shipping.

It is light and easy to carry. The handles are placed well. The specs say it weighs 50 pounds and that feels about right to me. The high frequency driver isn't something I see as necessary on a BASS speaker cabinet, but you can turn it off, so all is well.

None that I can think of for the price point. Sure if there was better bracing and padding you would be in the ball park of a deeper sounding cabinet, but those are easy fixes and there isn't anything better out there for the price.

Black tolex. The tolex has held up well so for. I'm super glad the cabinet isn't finished in that stupid carpet. The grill cloth has one tiny knick that I will keep my eye on, but other than that the cab is in great shape.

A great bang for your buck bass cab. Guitar Center has an excellent return policy, so if something goes wrong with your Acoustic you can more or less return it for a brand new one right on the spot at your local Guitar Center.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-05-20.

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