Acoustica 1.11 Multi-Track Recording Software Reviews 4

I downloaded this from the Internet and only paid $10.

Acoustica is a great music editor for a very reasonable price. The waveforms are laid out for you, and you can zoom in as close as you want. Delete glitches in the music, add delay, flange, chorus, and reverb, reverse one note or a whole phrase, the uses are endless. It has a graphic equalizer and a noise reduction unit that works great. I love it and I have used it extensively. I have a lot of old music on cassettes that I had digitized and put on, but the guitar signal had suffered from going from reel-to-reel to cassette to another cassette. I added delay with Acoustica to sweeten up the tone and they sound much better. Combine this with Internet Audio Mix, a multi-track recorder from the same company, and you have a great home studio set-up for a very reasonable price.

It only has one level of undo, so you better make sure you like what you hear before you do any further editing.

Very good quality, it's only crashed when I tried to copy to much to the clipboard for my 32 megs of ram to handle.

A very good tool for the broke musician like me who can't afford Cakewalk or any of the other expensive software.

Ronnie Guitar rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-29.

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