Acoustica Maxcraft version 1.10 Build 15 Reviews 4

The purchase price of this product was very cheap at US$25 Like a lot of PC software like for photographs as an example, the camera offer’s software to down load the photos, another to crop, touch up and add text and you mite use MS word to print the photo out. So it can be a little with the cheaper end studio recording products that do not do everything but what they do, they do very well and some times over lap in their uses. The key uses that stand out with this product are cutting, pasting, fading, cross fading all the necessary tools to mix and loop tracks into one complete track. So if you like making radio adds, to if you are stretching and artist ability for a recording that you cannot do it in one cut to your desired standards. This product allows you to achieve this standard more easily and with passion. It is easy to relate timing of tracks to each other, put makers through tracks and set the volume up for each track according to the makers. I found the product very stable with a medium size processor with 64 MHz of memory on a few tracks, but demand on the computer goes up as you use more tracks are used and as data rates goes up. The ease to learn and use the tools is good and quick. And the software was well constructed, stable and user friendly. It is able to handle most file types, and sound cards up to 196 KHz and 32 bits with out problems. The product comes out with very basic effects, Delay, Chorus, 10 way EQ, Flinger, Compression. I hope the manufactures continue to improve at what they do best with this product as there is a feeling of passion in what they have done hear. Site was easy to access and easy to down load a trial version to understand the product better. My conclusion is simple and straightforward. An artist realising what the product does it is very cheep product for it does.

J Lex Dean rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-28.

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