Adams Percussion 5 pc Drum Set Reviews 1

I got these as a Christmas gift because I wanted to start drumming. They looked good out of the package and were pretty good to start out on.

They were a great starter set. the DRUMS sound pretty good.

The cymbals are skimpy and dent very easily. the drum shell warped after being a day in the sun. I'm not sure about other drums, but i do not think they do this. The sticks the set comes with are wood but they are covered in so much of a plastic coat it becomes annoying and chips easily.

The quality seem lacking. Good for a soft drummer definetly not for a metal drummer as my self. I have had to straighten the cymbals so many times its kind of sad. Again I'm not sure about the wharping thing , but it's not good. Bad Drum kit for $300.

OKAY starter. Not good for long term use. Replace everything but drums(unless they wharp :( ) after about 6 - 12 months even the hardware (Hi hat stand broke, foot pedal is slow)Don't recomend at all really.Look on ebay for a Cb set or something for a begginer set. They range cheaper than $300.

Josh rated this unit 1 on 2003-06-23.

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