Aguilar DB 680 Tube Bass Preamp Reviews 5

i acquired this bass preamp at because i was trying to get the best tool for live playing,since most soundmen got a real bizarre idea of how a bass guitar should sound:no more than a low end rumble,they don´t realized that even the lowest notes contains high frecuencies that has to be heard as well.

absolute tone control,i can find the right sound for the venue i´m playing, and retain the character of my bass,i can cut or boost the appropiate frecuencies to cut through the mix,the fully parametric eq. are a blessing,no better way to get a sound.the balanced output is one of the bests out there

it costs a fortuneĦĦĦ. it´s simple too much footswitch led to indicate gain overload

excellent construction,has endured a lot of gigs and rehearsals,and stoopid roadies tooĦĦ

the best piece of amplification i ever own, i´ve tried all major brands and no one comes close to the agular DB680,it´s flat sound is good already,from there you can build a tone for any given situation,save until you can buy one of this, and then you´ll wonder why does the parametric eq. is not an standard in bass heads.after this preamp all other amps are cheap crap

claudio barr rated this unit 5 on 2005-06-26.

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