Aguilar DB 728 Tube Power Amp Reviews 5

i acquired it at after been tired of the distortion created at high volume by 300 watts all tube heads, i needed some cleaner without going solid state

brutal volume, brutal tone,and MUCH less harmonic distortion that most all tube amps

no xlr balanced input, most power amps has them,with the multiple connections that the DB 680 aguilar preamp offers,plug it through the balanced would be nice,costs a shit load of money

highest quality available in the market, but due to a stoopid roadie failure some output tubes broke down

400 watts of pure tube sound is much more than 800 solid state watts, this is the loudest amp ive tried,no SVT,SWR,HARTKE,MESA come close to the sound and power of this dude

claudio barr rated this unit 5 on 2005-06-26.

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