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I'm a Spanish trumpet player. I've been playing the tuba for 25 years and I play and teach in the conservatory and orchestra of my city (north of Spain).

A friend in the conservatory had one and recommended the product to my department. I purchased my unit in a music store and paid 36 EUR for it.

I like the size, high quality of materials, design, weight, and early effectiveness of the unit. The maintenance of the unit is zero, that s a very good point. It comes with a practical case for transporting the Eolos in my trumpet bag. Some of the crucial aspects of my playing (and the playing of my trumpet students)as are sound quality, power, endurance playing, more powerful and better high and low notes...have been improved...and I happy for that. I like to, the customer service of the manufacturer, before purchasing my unit I made them some technical questions (about the time and quantity of training with the Eolos and maintenance) and always the attention was very good, quick and complete.

Only a minor personal thing.The only option in Eolos is the blue...I miss a Eolos in my favourite fact I've just contacted the manufacturer asking for a next generations if Eolos in a wide variety of colors.

The Eolos has a clever ergonomic design, so it's very easy to train with it. The unit has been made with high quality materials in all its parts.

I'm happy with my unit of Eolos. In fact the product is part of my daily training and part of my daily trumpet teaching. This product is very good for all the wind players and singers. I highly recommend the training with the Eolos. And only a thing...for the next Eolos generation...please, offer more colors!

Pau R. rated this unit 5 on 2008-03-03.

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