Alembic MK 4 String Reviews 5

Here in the UK Alembic basses are very expensive and not seen in the racks of music shops. I bought mine in New York at Rudy Music Stop in 1998 for a mere $1800, it is worth a lot more over here!. I have always wanted an Alembic bass after seeing Stan Clarke use one on a music show which was broadcast in the 70's..the sound is totally unique and can never be copied.

Playing an Alembic somehow aspires you to play better but it does go down to the low action, there is no effort in fretting the most difficult phrases on this bass. The massive array of tone colours takes time to master as the tone controls are simply not bass/treble boosters.

The only drawback is the weight of the instrument..get a ComfortStrap.

The top wood is a stunning bubinga(african hardwood)with maple accent laminate & mahogany core, the neck is three piece quarter sawn with walnut pinstripes. the headstock is a craftsman delight. Two pickups feeding volume, pan and two filters with Q switches give all the sounds you ever need and a few more from your imagination. The action is superb and it can be slapped, popped, picked or played fingerstyle with ease.

Alembic basses are the upper end of the market, a instrument you aim to keep forever. All heads turn at gigs when you pull an Alembic out of your case and sling it around your neck. The best bass guitars on the planet!

Terry Capewell rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-23.

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