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This guitar was a gift from heaven. I came across this in Ohio at a Pawn shop. I think it was $250. I bought it because I liked everything about it.

The tone quality is very clear and it puts out a lot of sound. I really like the neck,although it could be slightly thinner, it is still very easy to play even with my small hands. The tuners seem very good as well. It has a nice "CHANGY" sound, but doesnt sound thin. With a capo on the third fret it really sounds great, like Jethro Tull acoustic stuff.

I cant really say that I dislike anything about it,except that the headstock does not match the rest of the Guitar.

The construction seems pretty good, it has four braces inside on the back that go from side to side. This particular acoustic is a 1982 Aniversary model, and is made of KOA,....TOP, BACK AND SIDES. Even the inside is KOA! Im not sure what the neck is, but it is stained and the color is a perfect match for the guitar. Actually, the guitar is "FLAMED KOA", AND THE NECK IS SOLID COLOR,WITH WOODGRAIN. The quality seems very good.

To summarize, This is one beautiful guitar,not only in looks,but sound as well. And the wife didnt even mind me getting it because she thinks its so pretty! So its her favorite guitar. This was truly a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and the minute I strummed a chord on this guitar, I knew this was the tone I had been searching for in an acoustic. And it seems like it was well taken care of, as the owner even had left the original recipt in the case! This guitar will never leave my collection, and if the house catches on fire, will be one of the first things I GRAB ON THE WAY OUT THE DOOR!!

EDDY JAMES rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-07.

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