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This was a as is Ebay auction guitar so price was a motivating factor when I bought it. I think I paid a little over a hundred including a hsc in bad condition. A few dings but the guitar was straight. Showed a lot of use so someone liked it well enough to play it. I think a well used guitar is a good sign in the used guitar market.

After a lengthy clean up and air-out period I put a set of Elixar Poly Light strings on it and what a pleasant surprise. I have a D 40 Yari, a WY-1 Yari and a RD20 SC Alvarez. The D 40 may compare but it doesn't sound any better and is not as easy to play. The 5059 is the one I play most of the time and my friends (better musicians than I) all think it's great.

I haven't found anything I dislike about it.

It apppears to have a solid top but many of the reviews I have read say it is laminated. BAcks and sides are rosewood which I am sure is laminated. Neck is mahogony, fretboard is bound rosewood.

You can pick these up for less than $200 and you can't beat the sound or construction for many times that. Now that I know what I have I am looking for one that is not quite so rough looking. That said my as is 5059 is not for sale. I would rate it a five but I think that rating is reserved for Martins, Taylors, Gibsons and the like so I'll give it a 4.

Schike rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-26.

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