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I bought this guitar new in 1982 for about $250 including a hardshell case, It was my first acoustic. but I had been playing for a few years already, so I knew what a great instrument this was by the feel and sound.

For a relatively inexpensive guitar this model has absolutely the best feel and sound of any I have ever played. the neck is electric thin and easy to finger, very responsive. most gibsons and epiphones I've played feel like 2x4's in comparison. The craftmanship is gorgeous, the wood is beautiful. It has a pearl inlay Alvarez logo on the head, and a les paul type cutaway on the body. all very classy.

not a thing wrong with it. in 20 years It has never needed an adjustment. the plastic bridge broke about ten years ago, I replaced it myself with a bone bridge. Other than that.. no cracks splits or chips. a beautiful instrument

flawlessly smooth,seemless and solid, almost like something you'd put in a display.

Try to think of how many things you may of purchased 20 years ago, that you would not wish to part with, and would have to pay more thasn double to get an equal value today. If you run across a Alvarez model 5064 buy it.

dennis B rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-29.

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