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i bought this guitarv through the alvarez web site which has a connection to the dealers on the intenet.i got to choose the nearest dealer with the best prices.and i paid $419.00 for the guitar and $111. for the case it ended up to like $560 shipping and all

the wood is koa,it's small with alot of sound folk style,with pearl inlays on the head and around the sound hole,white trim aound the edges the action is low and the strings are loose but not that of an electric guitar.with the elixar strings has good vibrations and warmth,plugged in it has clear tones and good rythm,about as good as fishman

it's a well rounded guitar but ti not quite as loud as i wished,the only inlay on the fretboard is on the 12th fret but there are black dots on the white trim of the fretboard side

it was sturdyly put together but on one fret whic may just be on my guitar on the high e string on the third fret there is grinded down so some times if pull down on the strings it slips off the fret but the rest of it is wonderful

great guitar i could copmare it to better soumd than ibanez almost as good as an taylor but quite easier on the $$$

J.osh E.than R.hett K.urt...jerk rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-09.

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