Alvarez FD60AMB Reviews 4

I found this guitar at Marion Music in Ohio for $549. It caught my eye, so I had to check it out.

I like the feel of the guitar, its a thin line so its easier to handle. The built in System 600T pickup with tuner seems to have alot of features. It has a great neck with a matching headstock to match the body. The gold plated Grover tuners are top notch. It sounds fantastic unplugged. The Amber Flame is beautiful, and the gloss finish is stunning. The string action is about as low as you could imagain with absolutley no string buzz, and perfectly in tune.

While you can get a nice sound out of it, it is a bit harsh, which is very common with the thin line guitars. It also sounds unclear with too much bass. I need to run this guitar through an EQ Pedal to get the sound that I prefere. Then its fine, and I use the built in controls for "fine tuning" that sound. The Pizio volume seems like it does nothing until its almost all the way up. The master volume works fine, however,it too seems to lack alot of volume overall. I also dont like the location of the output jack, where you attach the guitar strap. It makes it impossable to just lean it up against something, you have to lay it down instead, unless you have the guitar stand handy. I also wish it came with a pick-guard.

The whole guitar is Maple, although the neck may be mahogany, I dont remember. This is partly why it has such a bright sound, as opposed to perhaps a Spruce top guitar. It seems to be very well made. There are two "light blotches" on the sides, which I believe are naturally in the wood itself, however, it is not labled a factory second or "almost perfect" model. No big deal, but an inconsistancy nonetheless.

The bottem line is that this guitar sounds great if you have an EQ pedal to use with it. It can be heard no problem with other instruments being played around you, and is able to cut through the mix. Its very easy to play. It seems well worth the money to me overall.

Eddy James rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-21.

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