Alvarez FD60CSBU Acoustic-Electric Reviews 4

Primarily a singer, I've been playing guitar for about 10 years, been in a band (drummer!), and have continued to record and play with other musicians on a non-professional basis. My styles range from folk to hard rock, with heavy power-pop leanings -- Big Star, not Green Day.

I bought this from West L.A. Music in Studio City, CA for $299. I needed a cheaper guitar for playing out live, for gigs where portability, visual attractiveness and low cost are valuable.

For a $300 guitar, this acoustic looks like a higher-priced one, with a dazzling quilted maple top, rich cherry sunburst finish, binding on headstock, body and neck, abalone rosette and 12th-fret inlay. Built-in tuner and electronics. Pretty good amplified sound.

Because of its shallow body, acoustic projection isn't too great and the sound is good but not too complex, lacking some warmth. And the neck is huge, narrow but very thick, making upper-fret playing and bar chords a bit of work.

Good. Great looks. It doesn't feel too sturdy, but it's meant to be a lower-mid-range guitar.

This guitar does the job I want it to -- a good-sounding, easy-to-amplify backup guitar I can take anywhere without worrying about it being stolen. Its great looks help with your image, and it's very light, easy to carry, comfortable to wear and play for long periods.

Derek Mok rated this unit 4 on 2008-11-03.

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