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I've been playing a long long time and finally decided to treat myself to a nice new acoustic. This Masterworks Series acoustic guitar from Alvarez fit the bill.

I paid about $1200 in a local guitar store, but actually saw it online for about a hundred less. Regardless, I'm happy with my purchase as I've gotten to be good friends with the guitar shop owner through the years. He highly recommended it as well.

It sounds sweet and it's simply gorgeous. This guitar includes a solid spruce top by engelman, a flamed maple side and solid back, a nicely bound black (ebony) fretboard and gold tuners. The bridge is ebony too. Probably one of the prettiest elements is the tree of life inlay on the fretboard. I think it's made out of abalone or mother of pearl. the electronics are also very high quality.

probably my least favorite feature is the thin neck. While some players will find this as an advantage, I'm just more comfortable with a thicker neck almost as if it gives my hand something to curve around. Thin necks tend to promote hand cramps for me after extended playing periods. Not sure if I'm just wierd or what, but that's what happens.

The craftsmanship on this guitar is amazing. I've only had it for about six months now, but everything seems to be the way it was when I brought it home. Fit and finish are perfect and only the best materials were used without.

I honestly think that you could pay at least another thousand dollars if this same guitar was manufactured by Gibson, Taylor, or Martin. The quality of materials, the details, and the construction are all first rate and it plays like a dream. I'm not the kind of guy to rate anything excellent though, so I am going to give this a 4. It's not perfect, but I honestly think it's the best guitar I could have bought for the money. then again, I'm a little biased because it's my baby.. haha.

Hector from Havanna rated this unit 4 on 2008-11-12.

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