Alvarez RD 10 Reviews 4

I bought this guitar when I was away from home for about a month. I had been playing the bass for several years and did not have it with me at the time. I had always wanted to learn the guitar as well, so I decided to use the time away from my bass to learn to play the guitar. I bought it at a local store in Oregon called Swingshift Guitars. It was the 3rd guitar store I had been to. The price was good at $169, and it was by far the warmest and brightest sounding giutar below $200.

The quality, function, and sound are excellent. The sound is very bright. I sometimes play pretty hard and it stays tuned for a long time. Even when left untouched for weeks it will still stay tuned.

It is a little plain looking. I didn't buy it for it's appearance though. I've lightly dinged the edges more than once that show through on the black trim, but not very noticeable.

Although this model is made in Alvarez's Indonesia factory, the construction seems perfect. It has a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard. This is a very good buy for quality of construction, materials, and sound.

This is an excellent first guitar that I am not planning on getting rid of. I still love it as much the day I bought it. I think it makes an excellent second/backup guitar. I play all music types and it always represents them well.

Alex Banach rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-23.

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