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I haven't played a guitar in about 20 years, but after getting my son a cheap Fender acoustic guitar for christmas I started fiddling with it, and decided to get a guitar for myself.

I wanted to get an acoustic-electric and looked at many guitars and really liked the deep sound of the Martin and Guild guitars, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $700 or more for a guitar. I was willing to spend up to $500 when I stumbled on this RD-20SC guitar at a local dealer ( It had a minor blemish so I got it for $289 versus the $349 asking price.

I had my brother who has played guitar for about 40 years help me as far as what to look for in a guitar. He has several Ovations, Epiphones, Electric Fenders, he knows a bit about guitars. He was impressed with the even tone of this guitar and the playability, and felt it was surprised by the price. As for me. I am basically a novice, but I immediately noticed that it was far easier for me to play Barre chords on this guitar than any other I had tried.

The only thing I don't like about this guitar is that I wish it had a deeper low end sound like some of the guilds, but considering the price difference ($289 versus $700+) I have no complaints.

It has a solid top with laminate back and sides, and seems very solid.

I tried a lot of guitars and I mean a lot and exluding the $700+ Guilds and Martins I didn't find anything that sounded better, and for me nothing had better playability including the Marins and Guilds.

dman rated this unit 5 on 2007-12-29.

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