Alvarez RD20 SL Left Hand Reviews 5

I wanted to purchase a left hand acoustic and after searching many websites I found the Alvarez RD20SL at the right price ($219.00) with free shipping and purchased from the phone number on the website. The reason I went with Gear1Music is because of the customer testimonials online. I was not disappointed!

You could play this guitar for hours! great action, flawless finish and it sounds as good as my Martin! I really like the Elixer strings that came on the unit and will put them on my other guitar as well.The grain pattern of the Spruce top is very attractive.

It's hard to find anything so far, I did notice the pick guard is positioned slightly off from the sound hole pattern but thats about it. This model looks far more expensive that it is and there are so few left hand acoustics to choose from.

I was surprised by the quality of this unit for the money. The fit is excellent with no visible imperfections. The glossy finish is perfect all the way around and good quality strings give this unit a rich sound with no buzz while fretting.It has a nice action.

The Alvarez RD 20's I looked at (right and left handed) all had consistent quality of a much more expensive instrument. I got great service and customer support from the Website and saved some $$$ to boot!

Bob D / Nashville rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-06.

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