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My music store (Big Daddy Music, Clinton,MO) had a Yairi that I had my heart set on owning. We couldn't get together on price so I tried the RD20SC and bought it for $379.00 including HSC. Since found it for a little less but what the heck? My guy is local if I need help.

I couldn't tell a lot of difference between the sound of the Yairi and the RD20SC and the necks and action were virtually the same. Would I trade my RD20SC for the Yairi? Of course. However I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

Could have a strap button at neck base.

I can't find any blemishes in the finish, the guitar stays in tune well. Excellent workmanship.

This is my fifth guitar and my favorite of all. I have never owned an expensive guitar such as Martin or Gibson and I'm sure the RD20SC doesn't measure up with them, but if your are looking for a good sounding easy to play guitar under the $500.00 mark try the Alvarez RD20SC

Schike rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-24.

After owning an Alvarez acoustic since 1975, I considered looking around at other guitars & the technology that is now available. Well, I purchased another Alvarez after searching the shops & the internet. This time I bought an acoustic electric guitar from a local dealer. After playing it in the store, I made an offer of $279 for the guitar & I became the proud owner of an Alvarez RD20SC. I feel like this instrument had a lot of features for the $$$.

This instrument has a good crisp sound with or without my Marshall acoustic amp. It is easy to fret & has a deep grain look under the gloss finish that covers the solid spruce top & mahogany sides & back.

At this time, I can not think of anything I dislike about this guitar.

It has a solid spruce top with a cutaway dreadnought body style to include a mahogany back/sides; Rosewood bridge & fingerboard with 3-band EQ electronics (includes battery & built-in tuner). I am impressed with both.

It is my opinion this alvarez guitar is made to last & includes the quality & features that you would find on other instruments costing considerably more.

Jim rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-23.

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