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Purchased at Prosound Music in Denver for $300.00 with the Alvarez hard case incl.. It was all about tonal quality. I wanted to find a different tone to contrast my sons spruce top Washburn. The all mahogany design got my attention quickly. After searching all large and small shops on the west side of Denver north to south I could not find another guitar with such quality sound without stepping up to a Martin mahogany.

I can't say enough about the tonal quality and the deep rich sound of this guitar. It is uncomparable to anything in this price range. It's easier to play than the Washburn D30 and looks absolutely beautifull. With a double trim at the sound hole with pearl inlay and a tripple pinstripe around the body this is a classy looking mohogany top. Alvarez hit a home run with this guitar. My experienced friends can't take their hands off it.

Once the original strings were replaced with some Elixir coated strings there just isn't anything negative to say about this guitar. In my oppinion the Grover tuners would be nicer in gold on this dark wood instead of silver since the Alvarez logo on the headstock is gold. The guitar neck moves a bit latterally in the case which I don't like and will modify.

The neck craftsmanship is outstanding for a guitar in this price range. The playing is very smooth and forgiving with no buzzing. The matte finish is easier to keep clean than I though it would be. The hard case is very sturdy with good latches and does have a plush, tight interior with storage. Easily a $70-$80 case. Much more than I expected.

Being a novice (with guitar) I can only say that I have a great eye and a better ear. Anyone would be pleased to get such a wonderful guitar for this money and I feel lucky to be playing such a fine piece. It will be around for a long time with lots of use. I would indeed shop Alvarez again.

Darren May rated this unit 5 on 2005-07-03.

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