Alvarez RD8M Acoustic Steel String Guitar Reviews 4

I've been playing guitar seriously for about 2 years. Prior to getting serious I noodled on a Yamaha Classical off and on for about 8 years. I play folk, rock and country. I finger pick more so than use a plectrum. I married into a very musical family. We camp alot and the guitars get pulled out around the campfire on a regular basis.

I wanted to add a steel string guitar to go along with my nylon string and I've always wanted a dreadnaught. While on a Saturday jaunt with my wife to find a place to have lunch we stumbled across Bud's Music Shop in Hopkins, MN. They were having a sale so I strummed many Alvarez guitars and the RD8M had such a big voice it blew both my wife and myself away. I thought it sounded better than the top shelf Alvarez guitars I strummed in the shop that day. With a case and some accesories I paid $350.00.

It's loud. It has a big voice with great tone. While I was used to the wide neck and soft feel of a classical I found the RD8M to be eminently playable. I finger pick with the flesh of my fingers and the tone is clear and crisp. When I get the pick out it realy shouts when I want it to. It is also a very beautiful guitar to look at. It has great sustain. I have used Elixer light/medium strings and D'Addario EXP light strings and feel I get great music from both of them. The tuners are nice and smooth.

It does not have the booming bass that some dreadnaughts are known for. I understand that mahogany is not the best material to produce a booming base tone but it's about the only thing I can realy pick on as far as the sound produced by this guitar. Other than that I'm not crazy about the shape of the pick guard and the Alvarez "A" decals on the headstock look kind of cheap. The bridge pins and end pin are plastic and feel cheap but pins are something I can remedy on my own without a lot of fuss and bother.

For such an affordable guitar I am very pleased with the workmanship on this instrument. It feels solid yet is lightweight. There probably are some flaws in the guitar but nothing jumps out to my eyes and hands so what ever flaws are in it I could care less.

The RD8M is an afforable guitar that looks great, plays great and sounds great. It has a big bold voice when you want it to bark. It has a clean crisp voice when you want it to whisper. A trifle weak in the bass register but not enough to bother me. I received superior value for the money I spent. I'm very happy with my Alvarez RD8M.

Terry Hamill rated this unit 4 on 2006-10-25.

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